Most Sharable Types of Content for 2023

Are you looking for ways to initiate and maintain conversations with your target audience?

Do you want to address your audience’s needs and show how your solution fits them?

If so, you’ve come to the right place!

Your message can reach a larger audience by creating social media content that your followers love and want to share. Getting your audience’s attention and encouraging interaction maximize your exposure.

Tapping into your followers’ networks widens your reach. It also increases your conversions.

So, how do you create the most sharable types of content for 2023?

Include the features of highly shared content

Your social media followers are likely to share your content if it provides:

  • Usefulness: Your content helps people, including your followers and their family and friends.
  • Entertainment: Your content made your target audience laugh and they want to share your humor.
  • A compelling story: People enjoy reading and sharing stories.
  • Your company values: People who agree with your values will share your content.
  • Timeliness: Capitalize on trending cultural topics to build exposure.
  • Originality: Find new angles for fresh content.
  • A visual component: Include a photo, image, video or other visual.

Post the most popular types of content

This year’s most sharable types of content include interactive content, infographics, feel-good stories, videos, memes, listicles and how-to guides.

Interactive content

People want to engage with content for a personalized experience. This includes quizzes, polls, and playable ads that let your audience be part of the story.


These visual storytelling tools share information in an easily understood way through different formats:

  • Timelines share a company’s history, planned steps or future projections.
  • Flowcharts break down complex tasks into small, manageable steps.
  • Comparisons list the pros and cons or similarities and differences between two options.
  • Maps quickly share geographical information.
  • Statistics make a point while helping understand and retain data.

Feel-good stories

People enjoy reading and sharing heartwarming stories. For instance, you can share content about your company’s charitable work that inspires strong positive emotions.


Mobile device users spend a significant amount of time watching and sharing videos each day. The content is easy to consume, entertaining and informative. You can post videos of people using your product or service and enjoying the benefits.


Shareable cultural “inside jokes” are funny and relatable. Ensure your content is relevant to the times for maximum exposure.


Blending a list and an article lets readers know what the content is about and what they will gain from reading it. Readers can skim the highlights and main points. Include images to generate social traction.

How-to guides

People want tips to save time and money while solving problems and filling needs. They enjoy learning better ways to do things through blog posts, videos and other content. As a result, demonstrating the easiest way to use your product, complete a process or improve your customers’ quality of life encourages people to share your content.

Need help developing sharable content?

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