How to Use Instagram to Reach Your Target Audience

Are you marketing your business on Instagram?

If so, do you know if you’re attracting the right audience?

Conducting market research lets you get to know your customer base. This helps determine whether your products or services align with industry trends and customer demand.

Periodically updating your findings is necessary to better serve your customers. This is especially true if you plan to increase your offerings.

How can you use Instagram to conduct market research?

Instagram can help you uncover the following information:

  • Whether your audience aligns with your targeted customers for specific products, services or offers
  • The audience size and demographics for your target market
  • The amount of brand awareness your target audience has of your company, products or services
  • Your customers’ feelings and preferences about your brand or offerings
  • Trends in both consumer behavior and the entire industry, including competitor activity

Use both passive and active tactics to get the most from your Instagram data. Examples include reviewing insights and asking questions. You can uncover actionable insights for more informed decision-making.

View Instagram Audience  

Find out whether your brand appeals to your targeted segment. If your Instagram followers are significantly different, you may want to increase your targeting to reach a new customer base to increase your revenue.

Use Meta Business Suite  

Uncover the age, gender, location and other demographics of your Instagram followers. Compare them to your buyer persona.

  • Focus on whether the age and gender information match your buyer persona or a more prominent segment.
  • Look for similar patterns on other channels, such as your website analytics.
  • Work with your marketing team to determine whether to modify your target market.

Review the top cities and countries of your followers. Look for new opportunities to create a localized customer base.

Learn about Instagram users who don’t yet follow your account.

  • Set the filters for the characteristics you know.
  • Enter the interests relevant to your company.
  • Use the estimated audience size to determine your potential market.
  • Review the top cities and interests to uncover more ways to reach your target audience.

Check Instagram Stories

Use interactive stories to promote engagement.

  • Encourage your followers to ask about your products or services to assess brand awareness and demand.
  • Use the poll or emoji slider sticker to determine whether your customers like one option more than another.
  • Ask your followers to share pictures of their favorite niche products to provide ideas for current or future offerings.

Visit Instagram Posts

Ask a question in the image to grab your audience’s attention.

  • If you ask about a preferred product and share a few options, use a carousel post.
  • Prompt your followers to scroll through all options before selecting one.
  • Ask your followers to comment on the color, size or design they like best.
  • Review and record the responses after a week or when the comments slow.

Want help elevating your Instagram?

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