How Social Media Can Nurture Your Consumer’s Life Cycle

As a small business owner, you know that engaging your consumers is one key to making continued sales. You also know that it typically costs less to secure repeat business from existing consumers than it is to acquire new consumers.

Of course, the consumer life cycle relationship starts with your first contact with a consumer. This is why you need a marketing plan that attracts consumers, grows sales and delivers great experiences. You can break down this process to attracting, selling and wowing your target audience.

It makes sense for your company to build on your consumer relationships through a planned marketing approach of integrated communications across multiple digital channels. Along with automated email marketing, display ad retargeting, and onsite personalization recommending the next best product, offer or content, you should be using social media retargeting. Including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or LinkedIn for prospecting, customer engagement, conversion and retention helps nurture consumer relationships that can lead to sales.

Learn more about how you can use social media to nurture your consumer’s life cycle and increase sales.

What is consumer life cycle marketing?

This type of marketing involves the creation of managed communications to provide personalized, persuasive messaging and retargeting that helps consumers move along their path to purchase.

  • Rather than focus on one campaign, channel or metric, life cycle marketing begins with the first contact that develops a customer relationship.
  • This approach examines the entire customer journey across all channels and devices. It optimizes your messaging to align with the touchpoints along the journey.
  • The different parts of your marketing should pull in the same direction to continue moving the consumer toward a purchase.

How does consumer life cycle marketing apply to social media?

Your goal with this type of marketing on social media should be to reach, act, convert and engage (RACE) your consumers.

  • Reach: Create awareness through organic and paid search updates and lookalike targeting.
  • Act: Generate leads through paid social options.
  • Convert: Increase conversions through retargeting options at the individual level.
  • Engage: Use organic updates, retargeting and the uploading of customers lists to reach your known customers.

Want help nurturing your consumer life cycle?

Talk with BARQAR’s digital media experts! We’ll discuss your business and its goals, then recommend the right solution to help you build your brand and sell more.

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