BARQAR Launches Personal Branding Offering

At BARQAR, we understand the importance of listening to our clients. As a result, we’re excited to announce the launch of our personal branding offering!

What personal branding is

Personal branding includes all the available content about an individual. This content shapes the person’s identity and professional reputation.

Why our clients want personal branding

Business owners use personal branding to connect with their customers, increase visibility in their industries, and shape their reputations. These activities leave lasting impressions while networking and help sell more to target audiences.

Importance of maintaining personal branding  

Personal branding must appear consistent and cohesive for maximum effectiveness:

  • Maintaining boundaries around personal branding ensures everyone knows what the person stands for and how she or he presents herself or himself.
  • Website and profile visitors know what the business owner personally stands for.
  • Business owners stand out from their competitors.

Benefits of personal branding

Cultivating a personal brand benefits business owners and customers:

  • The business is viewed as an industry leader that provides value to customers.
  • Prospects understand the business will work with them in their preferred manner.
  • Customers know they can depend on the business to fill their needs and solve their problems.
  • The owner uses customer feedback to improve the business.
  • Customers provide repeat business and referrals for greater revenue.

What does BARQAR’s personal branding offering include?

We conduct 15- to 20-minute Zoom interviews each month with a business’s CEO, key company leaders, thought leaders in the industry, and customers. Then, we use the interviews to create content for the company. Examples include:

Take advantage of BARQAR’s personal branding offering

Let BARQAR’s team of creative strategists and designers construct a compelling, engaging experience that helps tell YOUR story. Contact us today for a free estimate!

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