SMART Marketing Webinars

Join BARQAR for our series of marketing webinars designed to help your business grow.

“Smart Marketing” Education Series

Through our free marketing education webinar series we will show you new tools, tips, tactics and strategies to get the most ROI from your marketing activities.

Here is a list of our upcoming events (and recordings of past events).

Upcoming Free Webinar

Positioning 101: How to Make Your Company, Products, and Services Stand Out

“Our service is better.”

“Our products are the best.”

“We offer a great experience.”

Heard any of these before? They are a few of the most common (and overused) positioning messages in business.

In today’s competitive market, true differentiation is hard…really hard. But it is not impossible, especially if you start with the right framework for developing your messaging. In this Smart Marketing webinar, our CEO, Brad Smith, will walk you through the process he uses to help our clients define their positioning using the four critical aspects of a marketing message: key differentiators, positioning, value proposition and core story.

Webinar Recordings

Couldn’t join us live? Don’t fret, here are recordings and slides from some of our recent events:

SEO in 2018: How to Improve Search Visibility and Get More Traffic

This webinar will show you how to dominate in SEO and drive traffic to your website. We outline what matters most and show you what needs to be done to stay relevant in search engines…to increase visibility and drive more business. We review recent Google algorithm changes, how to rank for Voice and Mobile search, how to improve click-through rate and how to drive more business.

25 Innovative Sales and Marketing Ideas for Your Business

Want to drive more sales? Curious about what works well for other businesses? Interested in what’s new in the world of marketing? Watch the webinar below for 25 of the latest and most innovative marketing ideas we’ve come across!

Top Free Marketing and Social Media Tools

There are a lot of tools that can help marketers streamline activities and produce better results. In this webinar, we share some great tools for creating and curating content, designing stunning graphics to drive engagement, scheduling and automating social posts and finally analyzing what works and what doesn’t.

Social Promotion: The Keys to Winning More Clients Online

How do people choose one business over another? It’s not with a blindfold and a dart! People now look for social proof, and validation they are making the right decision. From choosing a restaurant to a contractor, doctor to vacation spot, we’ll walk through how you can use online promotion to make sure more people choose your business!

How to Amplify Word of Mouth Marketing

In this free one-hour webinar we share tips on how to generate more positive online reviews on sites like Yelp, Trip Advisor and more–and how to use social media marketing to reach even more people.

Search Engine Optimization in 2016: How to Drive More Google Traffic

In this free one-hour webinar we outline all of Google’s new algorithm changes and show you how to rank higher in search results and get more business!