Reputation Management

A star is worth…a whole lotta cash!

88% of customers trust online reviews. 90% of people report that positive reviews help them determine the quality of a local business. Put simply, online reviews help build business.

How the BARQAR Reputation Management System works:


Survey your audience.

Using a simple survey based on the net promoter methodology, we qualify your customers based on their experience. This can be done through an email survey or on-site with a mobile app.

Encourage positive online reviews.

Customers that rate your service highly are encouraged to leave a testimonial and an online review. We include the world’s most influential review sites and customize this list based on your business.

Limit negative reviews.

Negative reviews can be very harmful to your online reputation and your revenue! For customers that didn’t leave a good rating, we encourage them to leave private feedback on a form only you see. This dramatically reduces the likelihood they will then go on to leave a bad online review the public can see.

Highlight testimonials & improve search rankings.

Through our SEO-enhanced testimonial widget, you can display up-to-the-minute positive customer feedback on your website and give your company a boost in search rankings.

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