Did you know that approximately half of all internet usage is devoted to watching video content? Considering that billions of people use the internet every day, that’s a huge audience!

Have you been using short-form videos to engage with your online audience? If not, you should be!

A 2022 Wyzowl survey of marketing professionals and online consumers found that 73% of consumers prefer to watch short-form videos to learn about a product or service. The ability to access, watch, and share these videos from any device increases their popularity. As a result, you should capitalize on this trend to market your offerings.

Discover how long you should keep a short-form video to be effective. 

How long is a short-form video?

Short-form video is 5-90 seconds long. This quick, easily digestible content is designed for viewers scrolling through social media feeds and other outlets. Examples include TikTok videos, YouTube Shorts, Instagram Stories and Reels, and Snapchat Spotlight and stories.

Why are short-form videos effective?

Short-form video caters to short attention spans. Creators can deliver their messages in a small amount of time. Viewers can consume the content on the go with little commitment.

Why do marketers prefer short-form videos?

Short-form videos are inexpensive, easy to create, and sharable:

  • These videos can be made with a smartphone.
  • Hosting platforms such as TikTok and Instagram are free to use and tailored to user interests.
  • The algorithms suggest videos based on what users enjoy watching and are likely to engage with.
  • Personalization and connection support viewer engagement with content.

Should the lengths of short-form videos vary by platform?

Because social media platforms cater to different demographics, your short-form video lengths should vary:

  • TikTok reported in 2021 that the optimal video length for the platform was 11-17 seconds. Videos over 60 seconds tend to stress out users.
  • Instagram reported in 2022 that the most effective Reels were 7-15 seconds. Because these short-form videos tend to loop, they count as multiple views. The algorithm picks up that the video is getting many views and pushes it to more users.
  • YouTube stated in 2022 that the most watched Shorts were 15-60 seconds. These short-form videos entertain users and drive engagement with brands and creators.
  • Snapchat shared in 2023 that effective Spotlight videos should be 5-60 seconds. These videos entertain users on the topics that interest them.

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