How to Use Interactive Content to Drive Engagement

Do you typically publish content, then wait for likes, reactions, comments, shares and browsing behavior analysis to gather feedback on your pieces? This passive consumption is how most brands previously measured the success of their websites and content pieces.

Would you like to provide a more exciting approach for your content to stand out and engage your target audience?

Consider using interactive content to drive engagement.

What interactive content is

Interactive content encourages your target audience to engage with your content. This content changes the experience from passive consumption to active engagement.

Types of interactive content

You can publish a variety of interactive content:

  • Quizzes may educate and entertain your audience
  • Calculators might show how your product can positively impact a customer’s budget
  • E-books can combine text with images, graphics, animations, and videos for enjoyable consumption.
  • Infographics could include points of interactivity with the material.
  • White papers may make technical content more attractive and understandable.
  • Landing pages might convince visitors to leave their contact information to become leads.
  • Lookbooks can include photographs, a quiz and a contact form at the end
  • Questionnaires could help uncover visitors’ needs, provide solutions to problems, and collect consumer data to determine which stage of the buyer’s journey they are in.
  • A resource library may help users easily choose the content that best fits their needs and interests.
  • A solution finder might use questions to guide the consumer to determine the solution to their problem.
  • Videos can include buttons that direct users to other videos that may interest them.
  • Search results could include interactive graphics to better understand a topic.
  • Maps may entertain or inform with geolocation data.

Methods to create interactive content

You have a range of options to create interactive content:

  • Give your current content a new format and purpose. For instance, turn an e-book into an interactive page with a quiz at the end.
  • Create content to advance a lead through the sales funnel. For instance, include a calculator in the final step of the buying journey to show the benefits of purchasing your product or service.
  • Develop content with a responsive layout. Ensure the buttons, animations, and user interactions work well on any screen size, especially mobile devices.
  • Collect data to optimize your content strategies. For instance, get to know your customer better, optimize the segmentation of your marketing campaigns, and customize your marketing and sales approaches.
  • Collect visitor data to encourage movement along the sales funnel. For instance, share survey answers after the user provides their contact information.

Need help developing interactive content?

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