SEO Tips & Tricks If Your Business Has Multiple Locations

Did you know that almost half of all searches on Google are local? It’s true!

This means that if you have local SEO (search engine optimization) set up for your company’s multiple locations, you’re gaining significant traffic and sales. Customers who are ready to purchase right now are doing business with you.

But what if your website lacks local SEO for each location?

Some simple changes to your site can organically attract more targeted traffic to your store.  

What is multiple-location SEO?

When your business has multiple locations or service areas, you can set up your website to maximize your search traffic and user experience. This gives the correct information for search engines to distinguish among the locations and present the right one to people looking for it.

How can you add multiple-location SEO to your website?

  • Build out separate pages for each location. Having location-specific pages provides more chances for your site to rank in search engine results pages  (SERPs).
  • Create a logical URL structure. This makes your site simple for search engines to understand and easy for users to navigate. These factors help your site rank higher in SERPs.

yourbiz.com/locations/ for a list of all the locations

yourbiz.com/locations/NewYork/ for a list of all the locations in a particular state

yourbiz.com/locations/NewYork/Buffalo/ for a list of locations in a city

yourbiz.com/locations/NewYork/Buffalo/location-name1/ for store #1

yourbiz.com/locations/NewYork/Buffalo/location-name2/ for store #2 in the same city

  • Maximize your SEO for each location page. This ensures that Google understands what each page is about. Be sure to include your keywords in the title tag and meta description. This piece of code on each page suggests what Google should display in the search results.
  • Optimize your content for each location. Include everything a user would want to know: service descriptions, answers to FAQs, photosreviews and directions.
  • Create a Google My Business profile for each location. This controls how your business appears on the search engine and Google Maps.
  • Build local business listings for each location. Getting listed in local directories maximizes your visibility with SEO. Having Google see your name, address and phone number (NAP) combination on multiple websites increases your rank.
  • Get reviews for each location. The majority of consumers trust online reviews as much as recommendations from people they know. And, approximately half of consumers look for at least a four-star rating before choosing a business. So, reviews are necessary to increase traffic to your website.

Get expert help with multiple-location SEO

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