Where Is the Best Place to Find Royalty-Free Stock Images?

Are you aware that royalty-free stock images are not free? The name simply means the images are free from having to pay each time they are used or generate a profit.

Royalty-free is a type of license that stock photography companies use to sell stock images. The buyer pays a one-time fee to receive specific rights to use the image in multiple ways. There are no additional payments required.

Because the photographer holds the copyright, they own the stock image. This lets the photographer sell their work multiple times to create more income.

Stock image agencies sell licenses that give buyers the right to use the images. The photographer and agency share the profit from each license sold.

What should you know about royalty-free stock images?

  • The license is non-transferable. You cannot share, resell or gift a stock image.
  • The images are non-exclusive. They may be used by anyone who purchases a license.
  • The license is perpetual. You can use the images for as long as you want unless the agency says otherwise.
  • The license applies worldwide. You can use the images across the globe unless the agency says otherwise.
  • The images have multiple uses. This includes both physical and digital use and multiple distribution methods. The agency may impose restrictions as desired.

Where are the best places to find royalty-free stock images?


  • Choose from over 300 million images with 200,000 more added each day.
  • Access images from over 1 million contributors from around the world.

Adobe Stock

  • Access photos, images, videos, templates, art, illustrations, music and audio.
  • Use Creative Cloud for Teams or Enterprise.

Getty Images

  • Access images, videos and music.
  • Use Enterprise Solutions to benefit your team.


  • Access illustrations, photos, videos and vectors.
  • Use iStock Editor to design like a pro.

StockPhotoSecrets Shop

  • Access photos, vectors, fonts and videos.
  • Use the free encapsulated postscript (EPS) file converter.

Where can you use royalty-free stock images?

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