Why Landing Page Optimization Might Be the Key to Improved Ad ROI

Do you want to maximize the ROI of your paid advertising?

Of course, you do!

Do you know an effective way to do so?

By optimizing your landing page!

When visitors read your ad and click on your website, they end up on your landing page. This is designed to entice prospects to become customers. In other words, you want conversions.

Do you know how to accomplish this?

Discover how to optimize your landing page to increase your ad ROI.

Your content entices visitors

Make sure your headline and opening line hook visitors and maintain their interest.

  • The majority of people read just the headline, not the body copy.
  • Make the headline compelling and enticing enough that your audience reads your content.
  • Use an easy-to-read font size.
  • Include header tags, italics and font colors to differentiate your content and draw attention to key points.
  • Maintain a casual, conversational tone, like you’re talking directly to your audience.
  • Mention the pain points your visitors likely are experiencing.
  • Share how your product/service resolves these problems.
  • Include customer testimonials.

Your site loads quickly

A short loading time can increase your search engine rankings.

  • Visitors are likely to look at your website when it quickly loads.
  • Use Google Analytics to determine your site speed and loading time.
  • Keep the size of your images and videos low so your site can load within 3 seconds.

Your website design enhances the user experience

The user experience (UX) impacts your conversion funnel.

  • Provide your web designer links to customer profiles, previous landing pages that converted and related information.
  • Your designer can work with the page’s content creator to develop a highly functional website design.
  • Include at least two landing pages to test your call to action (CTA) positions, color schemes and more to see what converts the best.

Your website displays few pop-ups

Include up to three medium-size pop-ups with attention-grabbing content.

  • If you want more pop-ups, rotate them on a time-appropriate basis.
  • Ensure the close buttons are easily visible.

Your content fills your target audience’s needs

The users who visit your landing page may convert because they’re looking for what you’re offering.

  • If much of your organic traffic comes from search engine results pages (SERPs), your content likely is the reason. This is especially true if you use the right keywords and key phrases.
  • If you sell mainly to customers in your area, include the keywords relevant to your location. This increases the traffic to your website and, potentially, your brick-and-mortar store.

Where can you get help optimizing your landing page?

From BARQAR, of course! Our website experts are ready to help you. Contact us to get started today!

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