How to Start Building a Personal Brand

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Building a personal brand is essential to differentiate yourself from your competition. You can build your audience, position yourself as an expert, and attract clients for your business.

Because you’re the face of your business, building a personal brand distinguishes you from your competition. Forming a lasting impression for your audience and customers helps build a profitable, sustainable business.

Why does building a personal brand matter?

Building a personal brand helps accomplish the following objectives:

  • Increase your business’s reach.
  • Establish trust and authority as a thought leader in your industry.
  • Show who you are, what you do, and how you help others.
  • Clarify the value of connecting with you.
  • Attract your ideal client.
  • Help media outlets find you and ask you to share insights with their audiences.

How can you start building a personal brand today?

Create an authentic foundation to build on

Include the following details in your personal brand:

  • Your skills, passions, values, and beliefs.
  • Your training, credentials, certifications, and awards.
  • Your purpose and whom you want to influence.
  • What you want to accomplish and be known for.
  • The key message you want to communicate and reinforce.

Choose your target audience

Focus on attracting your ideal client:

  • Make your personal brand attractive to your ideal client.
  • Focus on your ideal client’s age, gender, education, relationship status, income, and profession.
  • Include your desired client’s desires, dreams, and goals.
  • Clearly understand your ideal client’s challenges and struggles.
  • Define how you provide value to your ideal client.
  • Be polarizing to stand out and resonate with the right people.

Create an irresistible offer

Help your ideal client solve a problem or attain a specific result:

  • Position yourself as a specialist.
  • Guarantee a specific result.
  • Find the overlap with what you love, what you do best, and what your ideal client wants most, then create an offer that includes these criteria.
  • Clarify the value you provide your clients in exchange for payment.
  • Give your product or service a unique name so it stands out.

Optimize your website

Show your target audience why they should become clients:

  • Clarify who you are and how you can help your target audience.
  • Include a professional logo, professional photography, and your value proposition.
  • Share on your About page how you got into your industry, your experience, whom you help, how you help them, and why you do what you do.
  • List the products, programs, or services you offer and links to purchase them.
  • Provide links to your blog posts, podcast episodes, helpful videos, resources you created or recommend, and your contact information.
  • Add the logos of the publications and media outlets you are featured in and client testimonials as social proof.
  • Include a call to action so visitors take the next step, such as joining your email list, registering for a free webinar, or requesting a free consultation.
  • Convert visitors into clients.

Ready to start building a personal brand?

Trust BARQAR to create a strong personal brand that will set you apart from the herd and help you become a market leader. Give our marketing experts a call today!

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