Don’t Let Good Content Wither Away – Here’s What to Do with It

Do you want to reach your brand’s content marketing goals?

Obviously, yes!

Do you know what the best channels are to distribute your content?

Maybe not.

Knowing what your goals and audience are helps determine which distribution options may be best. This includes who your content is for, what it should help them achieve, and what purpose your content serves.

Find out which distribution methods may be best for your content based on your goals and audience.

Influencer distribution

Personal recommendations impact consumers more than any other sales or marketing strategy. This is why partnering with influencers who your target audience knows and likes strengthens your brand perception. This helps build trusted customer relationships and extends your brand’s reach.

Include your influencer’s content and brand promotions on the other channels you share content through. Your audience may be impressed by seeing others endorse your brand.

Consider using influencers to pursue these goals:


Live stories on InstagramFacebook or Snapchat are popular with influencers. You may want to ask your influencers to talk about a topic related to your business or industry. Or, you might request that they bring attention to a blog postimage, video or podcast you created.

Include influencers’ names and social profiles in your content. This may be a quote in a blog post, a demo video or something else. Influencers are more likely to share and discuss content that they’re directly associated with.

Email distribution

Because more than half the population uses email, it’s the most widespread distribution method.

There are two main categories of email audiences:

  • Current subscribers who opted to receive your content
  • Cold/warm contacts whose email addresses you bought or rented or came in through third-party distribution

Use your subscriber list to distribute content. These consumers know your brand and are more receptive to your content than other consumers.

  • Segment your lists to deliver targeted content.
  • Send weekly or monthly e-newsletters with your text, images, videos, and content links to drive traffic to your site.
  • Personalize your emails based on the individual and their reason and timing for subscribing.
  • Send content that’s relevant to a subscriber’s stated preferences, location, engagement history and similar information.
  • Share relevant content from other brands. Ask them to include your content in their newsletters.

Consider using email to pursue these goals:

  • Website traffic
  • Brand loyalty
  • Marketing ROI
  • Revenue generation through up-selling and cross-selling

Organic social media distribution

The rise of live storytelling and streaming media increases immediacy, intimacy and interactivity in the social landscape.

Consider using social media to pursue these goals:

  • Brand awareness
  • Building or nurturing consumer relationships
  • Lead generation
  • Increasing website traffic

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