5 Tips to Take Your Content Strategy to the Next Level

There may be thousands of different content strategies designed to increase your lead generation, website traffic, and sales. In order to be most effective, you need to choose the ones that are right for your target market and objectives. Using these methods can improve your brand awarenesssearch engine optimization, and customer base.

1. Maintain a consistent tone

Part of building trust with your target audience involves maintaining the same tone across your brand identity. When customers see a connection across your entire marketing strategy, they are more likely to trust your company.

  • Your brand identity begins by talking with your online marketing team to define what your organization believes in, what it wants to accomplish, and how it will do so.
  • Use the answers to create content that will impact your target audience in a specific way.
  • In time, your customers should begin to recognize the look and feel of your types of content based on your logo, color scheme, and other elements.

2. Create content on closely related topics

When you base new content on previously created content, you increase traffic to your website. Say you write a guide to run your first split test and the post brings a good amount of traffic. Then, you write a post about split testing tools and include a link to your previous post. Because readers who learned about doing a split test probably want to know about the tools to help them, they’re likely to read your second post as well. This can increase your number of page views and build trust with your customers.

3. Provide value while selling

Your content should provide value to the reader while selling your product/service. Two of the best ways to achieve this are through webinars and case studies.

  • When conducting a webinar, spend the first 45 minutes teaching your best stuff, such as your personal business objectives, strategies, and processes. Then, conclude with a soft sell.  Because you give away so much value, your conversion rate should be high.
  • When sharing a case study, show the results that one or more of your customers achieved by using your product/service. Because readers enjoy transparency, they are likely to purchase your offerings.

4. Create quality content

To determine whether the content you create is high-quality, ask yourself whether you would stop what you were doing and share it if you were the reader. After all, your content needs to be engaging and useful for your readers to share it and/or purchase your products/services

5. Share stories

Stories can provide both entertainment and clarity for your content. Because stories usually are realistic, they are easy to relate to. They also can paint a picture in the reader’s mind and make a point. This may be helpful when explaining a concept or sharing information from other sources.

Need help developing your content marketing strategy?

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