Bad Marketers Use Words (Too Many of Them)!

Smart marketing…is concise and focused.

Can you explain your value in 10 words or less?

Do you use simple language your customers understand – or lots of jargon?

Do your marketing communications spark readers’ curiosity – or bore them to tears?

We live in a zero-attention-span world.

Writing copy that is clear, concise and states the value you provide is more important than ever. But it’s much tougher than it seems! If you want to convert more casual prospects into customers, use these tips to write marketing copy well:

Know your audience.

Smart marketers deeply understand their customers’ biggest needs, challenges and desires. They use this knowledge to hone their message for maximum impact – with a minimum of words.

Before you sit down at your keyboard, make sure you know:

  • Who is buying from you?
  • What are their biggest challenges?
  • What problems keep them up at night?
  • How do your products and/or services address those problems and challenges?

Need to get to know your audience better? In this earlier post, we explain how to develop customer personas to deliver the right marketing message for each distinct audience you work with.

Know your purpose.

Ever feel like you’re reading a writer’s stream of consciousness? Who has the time or energy for that? Your customers certainly don’t! Organize your thoughts before you begin to write any type of marketing content. Define the overarching purpose for your communication, and distill your message into a handful of salient points.

Be brief.

Do you relish reading dense paragraphs of prose? Neither do your prospects. Keep your message as short as possible and get to the point – quickly. Front-end-load essential information, and use formatting tools like bullets, numbered lists and bold subheads to make it easy for readers to quickly find the information they need.

Write in active voice.

Clarity is essential in all forms of marketing communications. Active voice (i.e., when the subject of the sentence performs the action described by the verb) makes your writing more concise and effective.

Choose your wording carefully.

Tempted to use slick industry terminology, technical jargon or acronyms in your marketing? Be sure you’re not alienating your readers in the process. Consider how familiar your audience is with your industry’s language and write accordingly.

Change the “we” to “you.”

To be blunt, nobody cares about your products or services (sorry – but it’s true). They only care about themselves and how your products or services can improve their lives. To write strong marketing copy, don’t focus on what your business does. Focus on the value your customers get! This subtle, yet critical change can dramatically improve the response you receive.

Want better marketing results?

Start with better copy! BARQAR Marketing is here to help you craft a concise, powerful message that succinctly defines your core value – and spurs readers to take action.

Kickstart your marketing effectiveness today with the help of BARQAR Marketing’s website and copywriting experts.

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