Bad Marketers Sell (and sell and sell and sell)

Smart Marketing … uses valuable content to educate, advise – and then sell.

Quick question: When was the last time a prospect walked up to you and said, “Yes, I absolutely want to buy your [product or service] right now!”

For many organizations (B2B as well as B2C), selling is rarely a one-call close. It takes multiple “touches” across multiple channels to turn a prospect into a customer. And if you’re always selling? You’re turning those prospects off.

Market like a boxer.

As best-selling business author Gary Vaynerchuk points out in his book Jab Jab Jab Right Hook, “jabs” are valuable content you share to:

  • lower prospects’ sales resistance;
  • build credibility and trust;
  • position yourself (and your company) as an expert that solves problems;
  • educate prospects about the benefits you deliver and value you provide;
  • and stay top of mind…

…so that when a prospect IS ready to buy, you’re in the perfect position to land a knockout right hook (the sale).

Lace up your marketing gloves.

What types of content should you be sending? First, make sure the information you share has good take-home value for your readers. Then, use these ideas to soften your audience and set them up for that knockout blow:

  • Blog posts.
    Write about timely topics that matter most to your audience (think: What kind of challenges do your prospects face? What are they trying to achieve? What keeps them up at night?).
  • Regular (opt-in) email newsletters.
    Repurpose your blog posts as content for an informative e-newsletter.
  • Long-form content.
    Create eBooks and whitepapers to provide in-depth explorations of your target audience’s key challenges (Hint: offer this content in exchange for opting into your email marketing).
  • Visual content.
    Slide decks, infographics and short videos combat “reader fatigue,” offer variety and keep your audience engaged.
  • Holiday/seasonal mailings.
    Lighten things up by balancing serious content with fun stuff (i.e., 10 Tips for a Perfect Turkey, July 4th BBQ Recipes, Super Bowl Trivia, 5 One-Tank Trips for Summer Vacation).
  • Quarterly promotions.
    If applicable, to encourage warm prospects to respond.

Need a little help before you step into the ring?

We’re in your corner! For great advice or assistance with any aspect of your company’s marketing, give BARQAR’s experts a call today.


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