Is Content Marketing an Effective Lead Generation Tool?

The short answer is, “Yes!”

If you read our blog, you probably already know that content marketing can help you:

  • differentiate your services
  • position you as a thought leader
  • strengthen customer relationships
  • generate organic web traffic
  • educate prospects and influencers

And executed correctly, content marketing activities can drive inbound sales leads.

Why is content marketing such an effective lead-gen tool?

(If you’re new to the concept of content marketing, here’s a quick primer for you.)

  • Content can be used at every step of the sales cycle. Whether you’re trying to fill the top end of your sales funnel, qualify leads or convert hot prospects to customers, you can use content strategically to generate and advance sales leads.
  • Content gives your sales team something more to talk about (besides just asking prospects “What can I sell you today?”). Most people don’t want to be sold to; they want answers, help and solutions. Great content focuses on your prospects’ pain points – generating more relevant, meaningful conversations about what matters most to them.
  • Content marketing builds trust. Providing information that educates and adds value instills trust in your sales team. In your brand. In your products or services.
  • Smart content marketing delivers the right information. More and more, people are turning to the internet (on computers, phones, tablets and smart speakers) to find answers to their questions. By designing content that satisfies users’ queries, you’re more likely to be viewed as an authority – and the go-to business when they’re ready to buy.
  • Great content converts. As we mentioned in this post, every piece of content (i.e., a page on your website, a blog post, a direct mail piece) should contain a subtle call to action, making it obvious and easy for a prospect take a desired action (e.g., fill out a form, call you) – and flow into your sales funnel.

As you can imagine, content marketing is most effective when you build the right strategy, choose the right tools and systematically amplify your reach.

(and now, here comes that call to action…)

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