Benefits of Running a General Practice Awareness Ad

What’s the first step in growing your practice?

Building awareness!

Obviously, it’s impossible to attract new patients to your practice if they don’t even know you exist. And while myriad advertising mediums can help you build awareness, running a general practice awareness ad on Facebook is one of your most powerful – and cost-effective – options.

What’s a general practice awareness ad?

Facebook designed brand awareness ads to help advertisers like you increase the recall of your ads among your target audience. Unlike lead generation ads, which are designed to drive conversions or sales, the goal of brand awareness ads is to get the right people to remember your practice.

What are the benefits of practice awareness ads?

Here are a few reasons a Facebook awareness ad is a great tool to get the word out about your practice. Grow your social following. And ultimately, gain new patients:

  • Reach your exact target audience. As we mentioned in this earlier post, Facebook has powerful filters and parameters that allow you to target:
    • People within your geographic market
    • Potential patients, based on age and/or gender
    • Individuals who have recently moved to your area or experienced other life events
    • Friends of people who already like your page
    • Other healthcare practitioners who could refer patients to you
  • Prevent wasted ad spend. The specificity with which you can target people on Facebook makes brand awareness advertising very affordable. You can even exclude people who have already liked your page. This way, you can build awareness and expand your following without overspending.
  • Increase ad recall. Facebook has a sophisticated and powerful algorithm that helps you reach people who are most likely to remember your ad and help improve brand recall (and that’s what brand awareness is). People who remember your ad are more likely to engage with your other content – and think of you first when they need help.
  • Build your brand online. From static ads to video ads to carousel ads (ads that present multiple images or videos in a single ad), Facebook provides a wide range of creative options to get people to notice and understand who you are. Over time, awareness ads create a solid foundation for your online brand – and set the stage for accomplishing your other online marketing objectives.

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