Which Would Work Better for Your Business – Facebook Ads or Google Ads?

“I’ll have one of everything!”

As kids, most of us dreamed of walking into an ice cream shop and ordering EVERYTHING on the menu. But while that sounds fun, we all know it’s not practical – for stomachs or budgets.

Online advertising is no different. While it’s tempting to “overindulge” and run digital ads everywhere, more is not always better – for your digital marketing strategy or your marketing budget.

When you can’t have “one of everything,” what’s the better option: Facebook ads or Google Ads?

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Before we dive into the “which,” let’s start with the “what.”

What’s the difference between Google Ads and Facebook Ads?

Both pay-per-click (PPC) options offer great opportunities for reaching customers. Both allow you to cost-effectively leverage huge online networks with massive reach. And both offer targeting options to serve the right ads to your ideal audience.

The primary difference between Facebook Ads and Google Ads, however, is user intent. Ads are served on Google based on the types of searches users conduct (i.e., keywords people type into Google’s search box). On Facebook, ads are served based on users’ interests, location, behavior and demographics. The social network captures incredible amounts of user data, which you can then use to your targeting advantage.

Finally, since Google’s ads are served based on obvious intent, while Facebook sort of guesses at it (based on the audience parameters you define), Facebook ads tend to have a lower cost per click (although costs vary widely by industry).

Facebook Ads vs Google Ads Comparison

Facebook or Google – what’s the right PPC tool for you?

The short answer? It depends! But don’t worry, we have you covered. BARQAR’s performance marketing experts can help you build and execute the ideal PPC strategy for your goals, audience and industry.


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