Someone Send a Raven – Display Ads Work!

Haven’t received the message yet?

Then let us be the first to tell you: Display ads work!

Forgive the Game of Thrones reference, but display ads are an extremely effective (and cost-effective) marketing tool. So much so that today, we’re devoting an entire post to the topic.

Let’s unroll that scroll and dig in.

What is display advertising?

Display ads are a type of pay-per-click (PPC) advertising. They’re also commonly referred to as banner ads, but in reality they can come in a variety of shapes and sizes. They may appear as a small square or rectangle, and they can show up on the top, middle or side of a web page.


Webpage - display ad Mobile Display Ad


This type of advertising is great for a few reasons:

    • Display ads grab attention. Unlike regular search engine marketing (SEM) ads, display ads contain bold graphics – allowing you to quickly capture attention and convey your message.
    • Display ads have unbelievable reach. Ads are shown on Google’s Display Network, which includes more than 2 million partner websites.
    • Display ads are cost-effective. You only pay when a viewer clicks your ad, so you maximize your ad spend.
    • Display ads are targeted. You can target the type of people who will be shown your ad(s) based on their zip code, demographics and interests – so you reach potential customers who are most likely to be interested in your business.
    • Display ads can be switched up. Responsive display ad campaigns allow you to set up a variety of headlines, images and body copy in your campaign. Using machine learning, Google automatically generates the optimal combination of assets, based on your campaign’s performance history. Ads stay fresh and are optimized for both viewers and your business.

Do display ads really work?

Absolutely. Here are two ways your business can use display advertising to reach more potential customers:

    • Build brand awareness and brand personality. The visual component of display ads can be branded and styled. Coupled with bold images, you can use this form of advertising to increase awareness and reinforce your branding – without viewers even clicking your ad!
    • Generate inbound leads. If “closing the deal” is your goal, your ads can direct viewers to a custom landing page (as opposed to your website) that captures essential information, explains your offer and keeps your sales funnel full.

Ready to give display advertising a try?

We have you covered. Contact BARQAR’s performance marketing experts today, and let us build and execute an ideal PPC campaign that generates real marketing results for your business.


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