The Science Behind Creating Content Marketing That Attracts The Right Audience

Want to attract the exact right target audience? Looking to build more engagement with your customers and prospects? Want to gain visibility with new people that don’t know about you yet?

What business doesn’t?!

But in order to do all of these great things, you need to put in some time researching your audience. A recent survey of nearly 500 North American marketers conducted by Content Marketing Institute asked what research tactics were most effective. Here’s what they found:


Let’s take a closer look at the top 3 content marketing research tools:

Keyword Research

In order to be effective at content creation and search engine optimization, you need to uncover what your customers are searching for. Oftentimes, we find that what you think your audience is typing into Google isn’t what they are actually typing. Before going too far down the content marketing path, do some research to uncover what terms people commonly search for.

At the start of any content marketing or SEO project, the team at BARQAR conducts industry research to uncover terms that have high search volume and the opportunity to drive targeted traffic for our clients. We use a mix of tools including Google’s AdWord keyword research, Ahrefs, SEMrush, Magestic and more. Having access to these tools and research data help ensure the terms we focus on have commercial value and drive results.

Social Listening

Social media presents a great opportunity to hear things directly from the horse’s mouth. Here are some ways you can use social as a sounding board and research tool:

  • Post taglines,article titles, offers, etc. a few different ways to see what gets the most response. Once you know what resonates with your audience, you can roll this out on a larger scale.
  • Use Facebook Insights to track your posts as well as your competitors. You’ll see what posts get the most engagement and interaction and can use this for future posts.
  • Use paid tools like SEMrush or Spout Social to track social media success.
  • Visit buzzsumo.com and research keywords/topics related to your product or service. This will give you an idea for what topics get the most social engagement.
  • Run promoted/sponsored posts to specific audience segments through Facebook to see what gets the most engagement and interaction.

Website Analysis

If you don’t have Google Analytics installed on your website, get it. This will help you determine traffic flow, conversion, and fall off throughout all areas of your sites.

When consulting with our clients, we examine the web-users experience and look for areas of attrition. Specifically, we look for pages with high exit rates and bounce rates. This lets us know when a specific page or section of your site isn’t converting. From there, we examine why people are leaving before they convert. It could be the content on the page, the user experience, a lack of a call to action, etc. Once we identify the problem, it can be fixed to drive much higher conversion rates.

When conducting a recent client web analysis for a Radiology practice we found that people were leaving the site without scheduling appointments. After digging deeper, we found that the scheduling tool was too buried in the website. By making this more prominent on the homepage and on all service and test related pages we were able to drive appointment inquiries by over 110% in one month.

Earn Conversions Today

Looking to drive more online conversions for your company? Contact the content marketing professionals at BARQAR Marketing. We offer free website conversion audits and social marketing analysis to ensure you drive results from your marketing efforts.


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