Why Reoptimizing Blog Content Is a Goldmine

Did you know that your blog is one of your SMB’s greatest assets? It’s true!

If you’ve been keeping a regular blogging schedule for a long time, you likely have a considerable number of posts. These posts may or may not still be valuable to your customers.

Adding new content helps build search engine optimization (SEO), brand awareness and authority in your industry. However, as your content ages, your content may cover a product or trend that’s now irrelevant. Or, your posts may lack inbound links, not provide a good user experience (UX), or have traffic. If a prospect’s first interaction with your brand is with this type of content, they may leave your site.

Fortunately, reoptimizing your blog content can increase traffic to your website.

How can I reoptimize my old blog content?

  • Remove the publication date: Not having a publication date makes your blog content evergreen. You can promote your posts through social media as you do for new content. However, keep the date for time- or event-based posts to provide context for the reader.
  • Create internal links: Build internal links from your older content to your newer content. This can increase the value of your older blog posts and maximize the ROI of your content.
  • Develop a roundup post: Write a blog post based on a theme. Link your post to external articles, new posts and older ones. This drives attention and traffic to your site.
  • Create a tentpole event: Choose a cultural topic or trending news, such as Christmas or Summer Holidays, to create content around. Share your content in a blog series or newsletter during the timeframe of the event.
  • Add a Featured Stories section to your site: Change this content as desired to drive visitors to relevant posts on your blog.
  • Audit your website: Use analytics software to see which pages have inbound links or had high traffic. Update each page with additional text and media. Consider using social media or paid promotions as well.

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