Bad Marketers are Blind (to Web Analytics)

Smart Marketing … uses web analytics to make better decisions.

For managers of retail stores, restaurants and physicians’ offices, it’s easy to monitor how many visitors come into your location. But website visitors? You can’t see them with your eyes, so they must be much tougher to track, right?

Nope – you just need to open your marketing eyes!

Smart marketers use a powerful tool called Google Analytics to gain important insights about:

  • who’s visiting their website;
  • what pages they spend the most time on;
  • from what pages visitors exit their site;
  • and more.

The best part? It’s free, and it’s easier to use than you think. Here are a few essential questions Google Analytics can help you answer – so you can “see” how web visitors are engaging with your site, and turn your website into a more powerful sales machine:

What are the leading sources of traffic to your website?

Google Analytics can help you pinpoint exactly where your site visitors are coming from:

  • Are they coming directly to you (i.e., typing your URL into a browser)?
  • Are they coming from a search engine like Google or Bing?
  • Or, are they being directed to your site from a link on another website?

Once you know how people are finding your site, you can adjust your SEO strategy to drive more people to the right pages – effectively stealing traffic from your competitors.

What pages have the highest exit rates?

Google Analytics can also show you which pages visitors spend the most time on, and from what pages they leave your site. Once you know how people are interacting with your website, you can:

  • identify opportunities for improving the content on high exit-rate pages;
  • strengthen calls to action (CTAs) on your most popular pages to convert even more visitors to customers.

What areas of your website lack conversions?

Your website may be beautiful. But if each page doesn’t clearly tell visitors what action to take next, you’re potentially losing business. Google Analytics shows you exactly which pages generate the most response, so you can create a more “leak proof” sales funnel. Here are a few suggestions for plugging those leaks:

  • Add multiple CTAs (e.g., linked text, buttons, fly-ins or on sidebars) to web pages to increase conversions.
  • Make CTAs bold and compelling – visually and verbally. Be direct!
  • Think beyond “Contact Us.” Brainstorm all the actions prospects might take to advance through your sales process (e.g., schedule an appointment, complete a form, get an estimate, sign up for a newsletter, provide an email address in exchange for a coupon, etc.), and integrate requests for those specific actions throughout your site.

As you add more conversion opportunities to your site, you can use Google Analytics to determine which perform the best – and further refine your efforts.

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