How Can I Increase My Domain Authority?

Want your site to be popular with the right audience?

Want your content to appear at the top of search results?

Want to be known as the “it” site for your industry, services or products?

There’s a name for what you want: domain authority!

What is Domain Authority?

It’s a score (on a scale 1 to 100), influenced by multiple SEO factors, that determines how well your website ranks in search. From Google’s perspective, your domain authority score is how good (or bad) your site’s reputation is as a thought leader. The higher the quality of content you provide about your subject matter (i.e., what you do or sell), the higher your domain authority score will be – and the higher your content will rank in your audience’s searches.

How Can You Increase Your Site’s Domain Authority?

Improving your domain authority rating takes consistent effort – and a strategic approach to SEO. In earlier posts, we’ve covered several strategies for improving targeted web traffic and ranking better in search results you may want to check out:

How can I tell if my SEO is working?

Why is technical SEO important?

Perhaps the best way to increase your domain authority score, however, is by building great links in and to your content.

Here are four things you can do to improve your link profile:

  • Optimize internal links in your content by:
    1. Using logical anchor text that makes sense. In other words, don’t try to trick algorithms or humans (click-bait doesn’t work for improving domain authority). Create links to relevant content users will find helpful in learning more about the topic at hand.
    2. Create links from high-traffic pages to pages on your domain with high-value content for your users.
  • Continually create high-value content. We say it all the time: Write great, original content that humans find irresistible. Focus on content that answers questions your audience asks or solves problems they frequently encounter. And write content that’s long enough to do your topic justice (hint: 200 words just doesn’t cut it). When you create fantastic content, other sites will have a good reason to link to yours (which is great for improving domain authority).
  • Look for ways to earn high-quality links to your site:
    1. Get listed in local online business directories such as the Better Business Bureau, Google My Business, Yelp and TripAdvisor.
    2. Guest post on popular sites in your industry or niche. This builds your reputation as a thought leader – both in the real world and the digital realm.
    3. If you find external links to your site that don’t work, contact the poster of that content and request they be fixed.
  • Audit links to your site. Periodically, collect backlink data from a variety of tools, such as Ahrefs or Google Search Console, looking for spammy or otherwise weird-looking links to your site (e.g., links in foreign languages, links with no topical relevance to your own). If you find any, work to remove those bad links – before search engines penalize you for them.

Need help improving your domain authority score?

That’s what BARQAR is here for! If you want to rank higher in search and generate more traffic to your website, let BARQAR’s marketing experts conduct a free SEO audit. We’ll review what you’re doing right and provide recommendations for increasing your domain authority, improving your search rankings and driving more qualified leads.

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