Technical SEO: Why Is It Important?

Oh, I can almost feel your eyes glazing over after reading this post title.

But stick with me – technical SEO isn’t that tough to understand, and it’s incredibly important to your website traffic and search engine rankings.

What is technical SEO?

Technical SEO refers to website and server optimizations that help search engine spiders (hey, they call it the “web” for a reason) crawl and index your site more effectively (to improve your organic rankings).

Let’s try this again in English.

Your site needs to be discovered and understood by Google and other search engines, right? Technical SEO strategies and tactics help your site “play well with others” in the search engine sandbox. By adhering to certain guidelines (which we’ll get to in just a bit), technical SEO ensures your site meets algorithms’ expectations – so they find, interpret and correctly serve up your content to users.

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Why is technical SEO important?

The short answer? So it ranks well in organic search!

It’s no secret that search engines give preferential treatment (i.e., higher rankings in search results) to websites that display certain characteristics. Here are three aspects of technical SEO you should optimize, so the structure and security of your site passes muster with Google – putting you one step closer to sitting atop the Google throne.

Website security. SSL (Secure Socket Layer) is an encryption technology used for securing your website’s traffic and information. When a website is secured with SSL, the website address starts with “https” (the “s” stands for “secure”). Make sure you install a digital SSL certificate from a trusted, third-party certificate authority on your site, so Google knows your data is properly encrypted – and your website really is who it claims to be.

Responsive design. A website that automatically adjusts its design so it can be easily navigated and read on any device is a very significant ranking factor for Google’s search algorithm. Make sure your site is fully responsive – and performs well for smartphone, tablet and desktop users.

Fast loading time. Technical SEO optimizes your site’s content and code so it loads quickly (surprise, surprise, page load speed is another important ranking signal). Here are a few technical SEO elements that can help speed up your site:

    • Fast hosting
    • A fast domain name system provider
    • Optimal image sizes (i.e., large enough so they’re crisp, but no bigger than they need to be)
    • Minimizing the use of scripts and plugins

Is there more to technical SEO than I’ve covered in this post?

Of course – but that’s what BARQAR is here for! If you want to rank higher in search and generate more traffic to your website, let BARQAR’s marketing experts conduct a free audit of your SEO strategy. We’ll review what you’re doing right and provide practical suggestions for improving your search rankings and driving more qualified leads.

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