Need More Organic Traffic? BARQAR Helped This Company increase by 1,400%

Who doesn’t want more targeted, organic search traffic that leads to customers? 

We all do. But in a highly competitive digital market, gaining a competitive advantage and winning traffic isn’t always easy 

However, with pillar content, BARQAR Marketing helped one company generate thousands of unique, organic visits from people looking for their specific service.  

Client Background 

Naturals2Go is the healthy snack and beverage division of VendTech International, the highest-rated vending business opportunity company in the U.S. Their focus is to help entrepreneurs start a vending business that fits into their lifestyle and helps them achieve their goals. Consistently ranked as “Business Opportunity of the Year,” by the Franchise Brokers Association, Naturals2Go gives their entrepreneurs ongoing support in launching and growing their business and allows owners to create their own schedule and grow at their own pace.  

The Challenge 

Naturals2Go is always looking for ways to improve online visibility and reinforce their position as an authority in the industry. Most people looking to start a business begin their research online, so it is important to drive as much organic search traffic as possible from people who might be interested in starting their own vending machine business.  

The Solution 

One of the most effective ways to get found in search results and establish authority is through pillar content. Pillar content is a substantial piece of content that comprehensively answers a single question and is compelling enough that people not only want to read it, they also want to learn more about what the business has to offer.  

However, you can’t just post anything and expect it to work. It requires research and ongoing search engine optimization (SEO) to drive results. The entire article must be built with SEO in mind, from the ground up. 

Pillar content fits in well with Naturals2Go. People researching a business opportunity want in-depth and usable information before taking the leap. So, BARQAR’s SEO team conducted detailed keyword research and competitive analysis and found opportunities related to “best locations for vending machines.” The team then researched all the subtopics related to that question and created an outline for the writing team to follow when crafting the article. All the headlines and sub-headlines were keyword-focused to ensure an effective result.  


[4/13/21: Updated results with even more amazing stats that grow by the day]

Pillar content helps a website get found in searches. Despite the persistent and ongoing evolution of SEO, informative, authoritative, substantial content remains powerful. Pillar content gets recognized by Google and other search engines as a resource because it provides useful information that answers searchers’ queries. Therefore, it serves two purposes – to establish a foothold in search rankings and to establish a website as an authoritative resource. 

So, how did it work out for Naturals2Go?  

The long-form blog post, “10 Best Vending Machine Locations,” was optimized and published to the Naturals2Go blog. Because good SEO takes time and nurturing, it would be a little while before results would bloom.  

Pillar Content Traffic Growth

The post began climbing in rankings and eventually earned a featured snippet. The traffic on the post continues to grow and now brings in nearly 19,000 pageviews per month. And because the topic covers a question that only people interested in a vending machine business would be searching for, that traffic is coming from Naturals2Go’s target audience 

As a result of a focused pillar content and SEO strategy (all being implemented by BARQAR), year over year traffic from Organic Search is up 1,396%!!!!!

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Could Pillar Content Help Your Business?  

Because pillar content goes so much deeper than standard blog posts, it takes time, effort and resources to develop and promote. If you are interested in improving your search rankings and generating organic, targeted trafficcontact BARQAR Marketing to learn how we can help you achieve your goals. 


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