Can Social Media Really Help Drive Sales?

Social media is among the top marketing channels to drive sales and generate a solid return on investment (ROI). Regularly sharing unique, valuable content helps increase brand visibility and build trust with your target audience. Ongoing engagement encourages your audience to purchase your products or services.

Understanding how to properly use social media to help drive sales is among the keys to success. These methods can help.

Implement these tips to use social media to help drive sales.

Be visible on the social media platforms your audience uses

You want your business to be on the social platforms where your target demographic is most active. Then, you can reach your audience more effectively and drive sales.

LinkedIn and Facebook are top choices because they have massive user bases and a wide B2B audience. You also can use a tool such as Keyhole and a popular hashtag from a competitor’s campaign to learn the top domains where the keyword was used and where your target audience spends the most time. These are the platforms on which you should promote your business.

Create engaging content

Provide bite-sized, valuable content that informs your audience about your product or service and entices them to make a purchase. Include guides, how-to content, and tips to use your offerings so your audience can understand the value and reap the benefits.

Sharing educational content on social media gives your product or service a wider context and consumers ideas about how to use it. Providing additional reasons to purchase your offering helps drive sales.

Encourage loyal customers to become brand advocates

Offer your best customers free and discounted products or services in exchange for business promotion. Or, conduct keyword and hashtag searches related to your brand or offerings to determine which customers already post social media content about your business. Next, check the user’s profile to determine their number of followers and whether they would make an effective brand advocate. Then, consider offering something from your business in exchange for creating a few posts featuring your offerings.

Share user-generated content

Consumers typically read reviews before making online purchases to ensure a brand, product, or service is trustworthy. Reading about others’ opinions and experiences supports feelings of honesty and connection. Therefore, user-generated content (UGC) is an effective method to drive sales.

Encourage your customers to share photos, videos, and testimonials involving your product or service. Then, you can share the UGC on your business pages to increase customer loyalty and add brand credibility.

Invest in social media advertising

Create ads on your social media platforms to increase brand visibility and drive sales. You might customize your ads by displaying a product or service a user recently viewed on your website to entice them to make a purchase.

Are you ready to update your social media strategy?

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