8 Ways to Produce Content Without Writing It Yourself

Do you want new content regularly added to your company’s website? Of course, you do!

Are you not strong in the writing department? No problem! Not everyone is.

Can you still create new content to be shared on your company’s website? Absolutely!

Here are eight ways to add content pieces with little or no writing to your site.

1. Post a collection of quotes

Find quotes that will inspire your readers. Be sure to include attribution for the ones you post.

 2. Include a video series

Post videos from YouTube or Vimeo that appeal to your target audience. Include some TED Talks as well.

 3. Share an audio interview

Use a free recording program like Audacity and interview an expert source in your industry. Talking with a leader can increase your company’s exposure and credibility.

4. Start a podcast

Run a podcast from your website. If your recording is featured on podcast websites or ranks high on iTunes listings, it can create additional press for your organization.

5. Develop an infographic

Share your knowledge and industry statistics through an engaging infographic image. It should get shared by members of your target audience.

6. Create polls and surveys

You can gain lots of insight into your customers, marketplace, and products/services by creating polls and surveys. Get started for free with SurveyMonkey.

7. Use customer-generated content

Share content that your customers created. You might want to create a photo submission contest requesting images of your customers using your products/services in creative ways.

8. Outsource your written content

Contract with a digital marketing company to create content for your website. Blog posts are an effective way to drive traffic to your site.

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