How Important Are Hashtags on Social Media?

Hashtags. The words or 1-to-3-word phrases following a number sign are all over social media. They’re used to categorize posts by topic.

Since millions of posts, photos and videos are uploaded daily, hashtags are used to sort and deliver the right content to the right people.

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So, how can using hashtags benefit your business?

Hashtags help connect your company with your target audience. After all, people use hashtags to search for content relevant to what they’re searching for. So, when they come across your posts, they’re more likely to engage. This can help your business attract more followers, develop greater brand recognition and increase conversions.

Keep in mind that using hashtags too frequently or without a defined strategy can hinder your marketing efforts. As a result, you need to choose the right hashtags and use them well to optimize your results.

Types of hashtags

Hashtags can be used to make your account more visible, build a community or attract buyers interested in your product/service. So, you should get to know common hashtags and their categorizations before choosing which ones to use with your posts:

  • Product/service hashtags relate to your offerings
  • Industry niche hashtags show the specific work you do
  • Branded hashtags are designed to build a community around your brand, a product/service or your business name
  • Campaign hashtags are used to track a sponsored ad
  • User-generated content hashtags are created for your customers to see unfiltered, unsponsored photos of your product
  • Location hashtags are used to target buyers in your area

Best practices for using hashtags

Optimize your results by following the best practices for including hashtags with your social content:

  • Organize your hashtags. Keep track of which ones you use, how often and which are included with your most popular posts. The hashtags used with your most popular content are the ones that work best for your brand.
  • Determine your ideal number of hashtags. Most brands use up to seven, but some may use up to 30.
  • Choose hashtags that are specific to your niche. The lower the volume of posts hashtags have, the more likely your content will be seen by people who follow them.
  • Research competitors’ hashtags. Use the same ones that apply to your content.
  • Follow your company’s hashtag. See who’s talking about you and connect with them.
  • Develop a brand campaign. Use it to promote a new product/service.

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