Why Content Marketing Still Is Key to Your Success

Are you among the 97% of brands that use content marketing to attract ideal customers to your business?

We hope so!

After all, content marketing is the method most consumers prefer to learn about and interact with businesses.

Content marketing is key to your success because it’s cost-effective and sustainable. This marketing method nurtures your target audience, answers their questions, and builds their trust. These activities generate additional leads, conversions, and sales.

Want to learn more reasons why content marketing still is key to your success?

Build authority on your platform

The content published on your website can remain indefinitely. Because you own the platform, you decide what gets posted and how long it remains.

Conversely, the content published on social media could be hidden or taken down without notice. Because other companies own the platforms, they might change the posting terms or algorithms and remove your content without your knowledge. As a result, you could lose your means of communicating with your audience.

Develop trust with your audience

Most consumers trust a brand after reading a piece of the brand’s educational content. This content is tailored to the audience’s needs, questions, and pain points. The personalized content is created to showcase the brand’s expertise and empathy for solving consumer problems by providing relevant products or services.

Draw higher-quality leads

Content marketing helps draw users who have strong odds of converting into customers. These users might know your brand, expertise, and offerings and be ready to purchase. Or, they could be searching for a solution to a specific problem and want to find the best option.

Search engine optimization (SEO) helps your content draw high-quality leads to your website. These targeted keywords help move users through the sales funnel so they convert to customers.

Rank high in search engines

Engaging, helpful content ranks high on search engine results pages (SERPs). A higher rank increases brand visibility, click-through rates, and traffic to your website. More traffic leads to more conversions.

Increase your return on investment

Content marketing costs less to maintain than paid advertising:

  • Content can last indefinitely and be repurposed to continue to drive traffic to your website. Conversely, paid ads stop showing and driving traffic to your website when you stop paying for them.
  • Companies with blogs typically generate significantly more indexed pages in Google, inbound links, website visitors, and leads than companies without blogs.
  • Because content marketing is sustainable, the ROI typically compounds as the content gains traction, traffic, leads, and conversions.

Consumers prefer content over ads

A 2022 study found that 62% of B2B buyers read at least 3-7 pieces of content before talking to a salesperson. Also, a 2022 Adblock report showed that 290 million active users per month were blocking ads on their digital devices. These results show that consumers typically prefer to read content and conduct research before making purchasing decisions.

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