All About Google Search Essentials and How It Can Help You

Are you familiar with Google Search Essentials? The guidelines provide information on what makes pages, images, videos, and other web-based content eligible to appear and perform well on Google Search.

However, even if a page meets Google’s requirements and best practices, the search engine might not crawl, index, or serve its content.

So, what should you know about Google Search Essentials to make it work for you?

Technical requirements

Google strongly dislikes content that is generated by artificial intelligence (AI) and not edited by a human before being published. Because readers don’t find this content valuable, they bounce away. This impacts user metrics and search engine rankings.

Be sure to avoid the following if you share AI-generated content:

  • Text containing search keywords that don’t make sense to the reader
  • Text generated by automated processes without considering quality or user experience
  • Text created by using synonyms, paraphrasing, or other techniques to mask copied content
  • Text generated by scraping search results or feeds
  • Combining content from webpages without adding substantial value

You can increase your search engine rankings by doing the following:

  • Writing your own content
  • Paying someone to create your content
  • Having a human modify AI-generated content

If you have someone edit AI-created content, follow these guidelines:

  • Lengthen the content to provide additional value for the reader
  • Include current stats, data, or other information that makes the content stand out
  • Add personal experiences to aid learning
  • Share personality to promote human connection

Content Types

Younger generations typically spend more time on social media than reading. They prefer to use TikTok or Instagram for search rather than Google. This is why video should be among the main content types used to promote your business.

Following these code guidelines for images and videos increases local search engine optimization (SEO) traffic to your content:

  • Leave out phone number lists that don’t provide substantial value
  • Exclude blocks of text listing cities and regions a page wants to rank for
  • Avoid repeating words or phrases in an unnatural way

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