SEO Guide 2022 – Part 3: How to Answer Search Questions and Earn a Featured Snippet

Did you know that 5.6% of all search results have a Featured Snippet? Or that Featured Snippets are taking away lots of clicks from the #1 spot in search engine results pages (SERPs)?

Why does any of this matter? Because #0 is the new #1.

So, how do you get your content to appear in the Featured Snippet?

1. Look for Featured Snippet opportunities. Research the keywords you already rank for and the keywords that have a Featured Snippet. Almost all of the Featured Snippets are from pages that rank on the first page for the term. This means that if you don’t already rank in the top 10, you won’t rank in the Featured Snippet spot. You may want to use the Ahrefs Organic Keywords report to find the keywords you rank for that also have a Featured Snippet.

2. Include snippet bait on your page. These are 40- to 60-word blocks of content designed to rank in the Featured Snippet spot. Most Featured Snippets are this length.

 3. Format your content for other types of Featured Snippets. The majority of Featured            Snippets are organized as Paragraph Snippets. Some of the search query trigger words include does, cost, different, much, what, can, average and plus. Google highlights such keywords within a block of text.

You also can rank for List Snippets by using H2 or H3 subheaders for each item on your list. Some trigger words include best, improve, workouts, types, ways and recipe. You may want to modify the HTML code for your list and have the content wrapped in a paragraph tag to win the Snippets.

Or, you can create a table that Google can pull data from to rank in Table Snippets. Some trigger words include rates, fixed, salary, sizes, prices and highest. Be sure to include your keywords in your table headers, then add your content and data.

Want a Featured Snippet?

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