How to Improve SEO Rankings with Semantic Keywords

So, what exactly are semantic keywords, and what do they have to do with search engine optimization (SEO)?

Semantic keywords are conceptually related to the original keyword. Let’s take the keywords “digital marketing.” Semantically related keywords may include “SERP” (search engine results page) or “SEO.”

Why does this matter?

Well, semantic keywords are closely related to the original keyword in an SEO strategy. So, they provide the search engine with more insight into the subject that content discusses and the depth of the information. This helps the search engine algorithm more accurately rank the page.

How does this relate to your business?

Because when you develop content for your marketing plan, you need high-quality content with words that flow like natural language.  This lets you rank higher in SERPs, driving more traffic to your site. The more visitors you have, the greater your leads to move through your sales funnel.

So, semantic keywords help you improve your SEO rankings.

Here are a few tips to make it happen:

When deciding which semantic keywords to use, choose the terms that work best for your target keyword and the audience you want to attract. You can use any of the following keyword research tools for this purpose. Be sure you check the search volume and other metrics of the keywords to better understand how often the word appears in searches. You can then make the best possible word choice.

Google Related Search Suggestions

Google provides users with a list of related searches at the bottom of a SERP. This includes common related words that may be related to the original keyword. You can see what people are searching for and the answers that Google gives to determine which topics and terms may be related to their main keyword.

Google Ads Tool

Google Ads includes a keyword planner you can use to find semantically related keywords. Simply type your original keyword into the tool to find the popularity and search rates for the keywords you’re considering. You can uncover popular keywords and common search terms related to them. Then, use this information to better understand what customers often search for in your industry.

Social Monitoring Tools

Use social monitoring tools to set up alerts for when people talk about the topics you write about. You can use this to gain ideas for semantic keywords. And, use popular platforms to search for the keywords you want to use. Find posts about your topics and related subjects that people in your industry discuss.

Get expert help finding semantic keywords.

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