10 Awesome ChatGPT Plugins

Are you excited that there are over 550 ChatGPT plugins to choose from?

We certainly are!

OpenAI developed the chat generative pre-trained transformer (ChatGPT) in 2022. This chatbot uses learning and reinforcement techniques to adapt to situations and interactions and provide natural, fluid responses to the user.

Plugins are chat extensions that tell ChatGPT what they can do and when to invoke them. The plugins can perform specific tasks for the user, such as gathering real-time information or retrieving important details.

ChatGPT plugins help users more efficiently and effectively search the internet. The result is a better method to gather and analyze data.

Learn about 10 ChatGPT plugins you may want to use for digital marketing.

General search

These ChatGPT plugins can help you find information on the internet:

  1. Browse With Bing lets you get responses based on Bing search results.
  2. KeyMate.AI integrates the KeyMate.AI web crawler with Google Search results.
  3. MixerBox WebSearch uses a customized search engine powered by Google Search API (application programming interface) to search and summarize the internet.

Image search

You can search for images and other graphic assets with these ChatGPT plugins:

  1. GIF Search by Giphy finds relevant GIFs (graphics interchange formats) for your content.
  2. ImageSearch locates free images from Unsplash to enhance your content.

Social media search

These ChatGPT plugins are effective for searching social media content:

  1. Clay lets you ask questions and search your LinkedIn, Facebook, email and iMessage contacts for relevant information.
  2. Social Search provides you with access to tweets, users, followers, images, media and more.
  3. What’s Trending highlights current searches, keywords and hashtags by topic across Instagram, YouTube, Google and Amazon.

Video search

ChatGPT plugins simplify the process of searching for relevant videos:

  1. Video Highlight lets you find, research and engage with YouTube and personal videos.
  2. VoxScript searches YouTube transcripts, financial data sources, Google Search results and more.

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