Is Your LinkedIn Impacting Your Sales Cycle?

We all know that LinkedIn is an online networking platform where users can search for jobs, post business-related articles and connect with other members. However, did you know you can incorporate the platform into different stages of your sales cycle?

If you aren’t using LinkedIn to announce product launches, establish yourself as an expert in your field, uncover sales leads and cultivate customer relationships, you need to start today.

How do you promote yourself or your business on LinkedIn?

  • Complete your profile with a professional image, resume, and summary of what you do and how you help customers. This establishes your credibility and increases awareness of your business.
  • Connect with your customers, colleagues, friends and family members to build your online network. This increases your access to their contacts who may become your customers.
  • Maintain your profile updates so potential customers have the information they need to decide whether to do business with you.

How can you prospect on LinkedIn?

  • Review each of your contacts and their connections to uncover potential customers.
  • Use the Request Introduction function to ask your contacts to introduce you to these prospects through the platform.
  • Thank your contacts for their introductions.
  • Reward their referrals with a small gift or discount on a future product or service.

How do you use LinkedIn to create prospecting lists?

  • Use the search function to find potential customers based on job title or keyword.
  • A Premium account lets you choose more specific search criteria to increase your results.
  • When viewing a profile, note any common members in your networks or membership in shared Groups.
  • Use your connections who know someone in a shared Group to request an introduction.
  • Send a connection request based on being members of the same Group.

How can you build relationships on LinkedIn?

  • Join Groups with members that include your target audience.
  • Take part in discussions and post useful content.
  • Show you are an expert in your field.
  • Build rapport with other members.
  • Consider creating your own Group.

Need help promoting your business on LinkedIn?

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