What Is Interactive Content Marketing?

Have you ever taken an online quiz to discover the type of friend you are? Or, maybe you wanted to learn what your personality traits reveal about you?

Odds are, you have!

Did you enjoy interacting with the content and learning something new?

Your answer likely is, “Yes!”

Interactive content is much more effective than traditional marketing methods. As a result, interactive content is being used more frequently to market brands.

So, what is interactive content marketing and why does it matter?

What interactive content marketing is

Interactive content encourages your target audience to engage with your content to convey its message. The result changes the content experience from passive consumption to active engagement.

Examples of interactive content include quizzes, e-books, calculators, videos, and animated infographics. This type of content lets the user receive the information they want in a more exciting way than by simply reading text:

  • Each user interaction provides a signal from the user to the brand.
  • Users give feedback on the piece during consumption.
  • Brands understand whether users consumed the material as they engaged in an experience.

Benefits of interactive content marketing

Creating interactive blog posts, e-books, and infographics provides valuable customer education in a fun manner. Blending information and entertainment engages the user as they consume the content.

For instance, a user may need to complete a quiz to receive the answer they seek. Or, a user might enjoy consuming information through an interactive infographic so much that they share the piece with their network.

User interactions provide a range of benefits:

  • Help your content stand out
  • Elevate attention rates
  • Increase engagement rates
  • Increase link shares and referral traffic
  • Elevate time spent on your site
  • Enhance the customer experience for your target audience
  • Identify views, clicks and interactions with each element of your content
  • Evaluate the exit points of your pieces
  • Raise involvement with your brand
  • Bring in lead generation, sales and revenue

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