How to Choose the Right Keywords for Your PPC Ads

Are you using pay-per-click (PPC) ads as part of your digital marketing campaigns? If not, you might want to!

PPC ads are displayed on the first results page when a user searches for a related keyword. This exposure directs targeted traffic to your website.

More brand visibility leads to higher click-through rates (CTRs), conversions and sales revenue. As a result, you should benefit from a high return on ad spend (ROAS).

Implement these tips to choose the right keywords for your PPC ads.

Choose as many keywords as needed

Use a keyword planning tool to determine which keywords you may want to include in your PPC ads. For instance, if you are advertising your digital marketing agency in Buffalo, NY, you might include the keywords digital marketing, digital marketing agency and Buffalo NY.

  • Focus on the average monthly search numbers for your keywords and the potential costs of using each keyword.
  • Use your findings to decide which keywords to include in your PPC ads.

Use keyword variations

Include slight changes in your keyword forms and word choices. For instance, Buffalo digital marketing, digital marketing Buffalo NY and Buffalo NY digital marketing agency are variations of the keywords digital marketing and Buffalo NY.

  • One or more of your keyword variations may perform better than another variation.
  • You can gain more impression share by using keyword variations.
  • Use your keyword planning tool to ensure your keyword variations have estimated search volume.
  • Keywords with search volume are likely to help your PPC ad get noticed and clicked on.

Include head terms and long-tail variants

Head terms are keywords with up to three words. Long-tail variants are keywords with four or more words.

  • Using narrower keywords, such as long-tail variants, lowers your costs.
  • Narrower keywords have lower search volume.
  • Combine head terms and long-tail variants to increase the search volume and the number of clicks on your PPC ads.

Use Phrase and Exact match terms

Begin your PPC ad campaigns with Phrase and Exact match terms. Although these match terms are more restrictive than Broad match terms, they can give you scale. Conversely, if you use Broad match terms, you might end up targeting search terms that are not relevant to your business.

Maintain your keyword list

Regularly update the keywords in your PPC ads to maintain performance. Because users search for different topics at different times, your keywords must evolve along with your target audience’s interests.

  • When you revisit your keywords, check whether they still are relevant and whether you should be using new versions.
  • Determine which keywords are your top and bottom performers and what you can do to improve performance.

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