Improving Website Conversions – Tips for Effective Contact Pages

Is your contact page designed solely with function in mind? Does it have a phone number, email address and location on a plain background?

This type of contact page doesn’t inspire visitors to connect with you.

Does your contact page make it easy to reach out to your company? This is important for business.

However, this type of contact page increases your customer service costs.

The key is to find the right balance between sharing resources for users to immediately answer their questions and making it easy to reach out to your business.

So, how can you create an effective contact page to improve website conversions?

Use a drop-down menu

Ask how your company can help the user. Then, let the user select the reason they are contacting you. Have each selection take the user to another form to share details about their inquiry. This makes it easier to sort through and respond to the messages as soon as possible.

Provide a live chat option

Let users reach out to ask questions or learn more about your services. This helps users find the information they want while reducing the number of messages that need to be answered.

Offer resources

Provide links to the most commonly requested information. Helping users answer their own questions reduces the number of emails that require responses. Make it relatively easy to find your “Email us” button if a user needs additional help.

Showcase your support team

Personalize your contact page with the names and photos of your support team. Show users that they are connecting with real humans.

Offer a form for Press members

Share a special form for Press members below your standard contact form. This reduces the number of press requests sent through your regular contact form.

Use chatbots

Provide a list of FAQs and a chatbot for navigation. This reduces the number of messages your company receives while still providing top-notch customer service.

Emphasize your help center

Encourage users to access your help center to find the information they need. Make it easy to reach your company with additional questions or issues.

Include a newsletter signup

Offer a checkbox in your contact form to sign up for your company’s newsletter. This can increase your newsletter signups.

Provide a disability answer desk

Offer customized methods for people with disabilities to reach out to your company. Accessibility is increasing in importance for search engine optimization (SEO).

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