New Updates Coming to LinkedIn in 2023

Have you been paying attention to the updates LinkedIn is launching this year? The new features include improved video accessibility and updates to job search, post scheduling and content analytics.

Capitalizing on these LinkedIn updates can enhance your business success. You can add to your customer base and fill your open positions.

What can you expect from LinkedIn’s updates in 2023?

Better video accessibility

LinkedIn will create captions for the videos you upload to the platform. You decide whether to add or edit the captions before publishing your video.

You also can activate the high-contrast mode to improve the accessibility of your videos. This benefits viewers with low vision or visual impairment.

Clearer accessibility job titles

If your business has accessibility roles, you can choose from standardized job titles to advertise your openings. This helps accessibility designers, accessibility engineers or other professionals easily discover and apply to your job postings.

Alternative Text Options in Campaign Manager

You can use Campaign Manager to add alternative text descriptions to the images in your advertisements. This helps visually impaired and blind users understand the images.

Job search updates

Passive candidates can learn about and pursue career opportunities that better fit their values and interests. This may include work-life balance, professional growth or upskilling.

LinkedIn sends personalized job collections from companies to casual job seekers who aren’t conducting formal searches. Your job openings may be included.

B2B Product Search Updates

LinkedIn’s new Product Pages help members find products that fill their business needs, connect with experts and make purchases. New category filters will improve the relevance of the Product Pages and provide a more personalized experience for more informed purchasing decisions.  

Post Scheduling

You can schedule your posts to publish at the desired time. Simply create your post, click the Schedule icon, and choose the day and time to share your content. You still can edit your content as needed.

Content Analytics

Use the Creator Analytics dashboard to expand your audience and measure the effectiveness of your content.

  • Gain insight into your audience data and best-performing content.
  • Watch your number of followers increase.
  • Learn more about your audience’s demographics to enhance your marketing plans.
  • Use your data to uncover patterns in the manner you desire.

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