Introducing TalentScribe from BARQAR

Are you a marketer who wants to use artificial intelligence (AI) to generate content?

What if you could use an AI-powered writing assistant plugin that integrates into WordPress and is trained to get to know your business and target audience?

Would you like the writing assistant to develop topic ideas, write starter blog posts, and get you 80% of the way to a good post?

Do you want to ensure your topics are on target, you post consistently, and you streamline the time needed for your internal team to generate on-brand content?

If so, we have what you’re looking for!

Introducing TalentScribe from BARQAR

Features that TalentScribe offers

TalentScribe offers the features you’re looking for to create content:

  • Customized idea generation: The writing assistant plugin thoroughly evaluates your company, profile, website content, and existing blog posts to ensure alignment with your focus areas.
  • Title refinement: The plugin refines your ideas to create compelling blog post titles that generate curiosity.
  • Blog post development: The writing assistant plugin develops personalized 800- to 1,500-word posts that reflect your business’s unique characteristics and specializations. The WordPress interface lets you edit and include a personal touch to maintain control.
  • Featured image library: Choose from our comprehensive library of themed images to blend with your content.
  • SEO metadata optimization: Our search engine optimization feature analyzes and inputs relevant keywords, meta titles, and meta descriptions to ensure a high rank for increased visibility.
  • Automated blogging: Auto Blog lets you maintain control by scheduling your posts, receiving notifications at customized intervals, and deciding to edit or publish from your inbox.

Benefits of using TalentScribe

Marketers choose TalentScribe because of its benefits:

  • Establish authority: Targeted content helps position your business as a leader in your industry.
  • Attract leads: Quality SEO-powered content drives website traffic for elevated engagement.
  • Customized content: Develop tailored content that aligns with your brand and messaging.

Are you ready to get started with TalentScribe?

Discover how AI-powered TalentScribe can revolutionize your content development, SEO strategy, and online visibility. Ensure your business’s message is heard and resonates with your target audience. Contact BARQAR to get started today!

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