How to Drive Business with Google Ads

Do you want to know how to drive business with Google Ads whether your accounts are performing well or need improvement? Do you know how to determine whether your account is ready for scale or if you should keep things as they are?

If so, you’re in luck! You’ve come to the right place.

Implement these tips to drive business with Google Ads.

Understand when your Google Ads account is ready to scale

Typically, your Google Ads account should fit the following criteria before you apply any scaling strategies:

  • Consistently meet your cost per acquisition (CPA) and return on ad spend (ROAS) goals
  • Consistently spend your campaign budget
  • Meet your lead or sales quality standards
  • Have clear buyer personas and be optimized for ad creative or audience targeting
  • Have more than 50% impression share
  • Have a good or better ad rating correlated with real-world performance
  • Have your campaigns out of the learning phase for more than 14 days

Know how to scale a successful creative

If you’re running display ads, video ads, or other visual creatives and seeing conversions, consider including these creatives in your search campaigns.

Look for these characteristics in a high-converting visual creative:

  • A video completion rate of at least 30%
  • High view-through conversion rates and/or assisted conversions
  • A strong number of landing page visits

Think about translating your successful creatives into assets or search ads. This process involves taking the core theme and expressing it within the character limit.

Be able to scale successful strategies

Successful search campaigns typically use one of these strategies:

  • Marketing the campaign and products or services as the ad groups
  • Using products or services as the campaign and customer personas as the ad groups
  • Including the auction price or customer value as the campaign and the products or services as the ad groups

The best structure for you to use depends on your budget, the complexity of your offering, and your preferred scaling pace. When you have the right structure, you can apply it to more markets or initiatives.

Typically, you should choose one part of your business to determine which structure to test. Allow at least 30-60 days of optimization to determine your results. Then, you can test the structure with other parts of your business.

Interested in learning more about Google Ads?

We’re here to help! Contact BARQAR’s performance marketing experts today. We’ll explain the process and create an ideal Google Ads campaign that generates real marketing results for your business.

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