Why Content Marketing Is So Effective for Building Trust with Your Prospects

Know, like and trust are the three aspects that drive content marketing. You need to excel in all three areas in order to experience success with your content.

There are many types of marketing you can use to help prospects know your products/services.

You can add clever messaging to encourage prospects to like your offerings.

You may use brand awareness to promote trust in your company.

However, you’re better off using a stronger method to build trust with prospects. This encourages them to do business with your brand instead of another brand.

Writing better content and freely sharing valuable information promote trust in your brand.

Providing valuable content gives your company a competitive edge over companies that don’t build trust with prospects.

Here are some reasons why:

Trust works on multiple levels

Sharing company stories that demonstrate the following issues shows your brand is trustworthy.

  • Your brand needs to do what it says it will.
  • Your products/services need to meet prospects’ needs.
  • Your employees need to treat customers fairly.
  • Your business should be sustainable long-term.
  • Your staff members need to live by your company’s core values.

Trust can be cultivated in multiple ways

Properly executed content marketing builds ethos between a brand and prospects.

  • Ethos promotes the authority, honesty and credibility of the content.
  • These elements promote trust in relationships.
  • Ethos combines likability and selflessness, or disinterested goodwill.
  • Disinterested goodwill involves serving an audience regardless of benefitting from a particular prospect.

Content marketing demonstrates disinterested goodwill

Providing quality content at no charge is an example of serving an audience without expecting to benefit from each prospect.

  • You provide value for your audience members even if they don’t purchase from you.
  • Giving away valuable content encourages consumers to know, like and trust your brand.
  • Consumers are more likely to purchase from you rather than a competitor when they decide to buy something in your field.

Marketing valuable content benefits your brand

Share with your audience how providing valuable content impacts your company.

  • For instance, when you launch a product/service with introductory pricing, mention that you want feedback from your customers to improve your offering.
  • Assuring your audience that you want to increase the benefits you provide them lets them know you have their best interest in mind.

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