What Did 2021 Teach Us About Digital Marketing?

Who’s ready to be done with the coronavirus pandemic? (Raises hand.)

Although 2021 has been a rollercoaster ride, most of us found out the hard way that we need to adapt to whatever comes our way. We learned to expect the unexpected. We had to find ways to get through everything and navigate forward.

This principle of change also applies to digital marketing. Because the best way to reach your current and potential customers continues to evolve, your marketing practices need to as well.

Here are some lessons about digital marketing that 2021 has taught us.

1. Building a profitable customer base takes time.

Companies that prioritized digital marketing during the pandemic are reaping the rewards.

  • They understood that during a time of lockdowns, staying 6 feet away from others and masking up, the best way to reach current and potential customers was online.
  • These businesses are thriving because they used digital marketing to build and nurture a community around their brand. This helped enhance awareness, loyalty and a steady revenue stream.
  • Digital marketing is a gradual process. If your company isn’t taking advantage of it right now, it should be. This remains one of the best ways to cultivate relationships with your customers, especially when you may not be able to see them in person as much as you would like.
  • Since acquiring customers during the pandemic costs more than before it happened, you need to be reaching and serving the customers you have now.

2. Limiting your number of digital channels is beneficial.

Since your company is after results, it doesn’t make sense to have a presence on every social media platform.

  • The time and investment involved in social advertising require the targeted ROI to make them worthwhile. This is why businesses focused on the digital marketing campaigns that worked best for them when the pandemic hit.
  • Whether pay-per-click advertising, social media marketingorganic social or paid social media, the most relevant digital marketing channels were in operation.
  • These generated the highest possible ROI for the company, which was especially important during uncertain economic times.

3. A properly executed digital strategy begins with your website.

Your website is where you can do everything from capturing leads to executing sales.

  • Your website supports your other digital marketing strategies such as search engine optimization (SEO), email marketing, social media marketing, automation and analytics.
  • This is why you need your website to be regularly updated and functioning for optimal success.

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