Community Spotlight: Metrodata Services, Inc. Plays a Vital Role in the Pandemic Response

We’re telecommuting.

We’re washing our hands.

We’re staying at home, and wearing masks when we have to go out.

We’re all doing our part during the pandemic response – but some of us are going above and beyond to serve others’ needs right now.

One of those companies is Metrodata Services, Inc.

I recently had a chance to speak with Owner/President Jonathan Patrick about how his organization is supporting essential employers here in Buffalo and across the country, to help ensure the right people are on the pandemic response effort’s front lines.

Company Background

Metrodata Services, Inc. is Western New York’s leading pre-employment screening service. For more than 20 years, they’ve served as partners in their clients’ success, providing professional background and employment screening services for hundreds of organizations nationwide. Metrodata’s industry-leading technology, relentless investigative services and unparalleled service enable them to improve hiring results, minimize risks and boast an astounding 99.25% client retention rate.

How is Metrodata supporting our nation’s response and recovery?

During this pandemic, Metrodata is providing employment screening services to hundreds of “essential businesses” as per NYS Executive Order 202.6, including hospitals, medical supply companies, manufacturers, financial institutions and other employers that provide essential goods and critical services.

While Metrodata has had to arrange for some staff to work from home (to comply with Department of Health standards and CDC guidelines), and take extra measures to maintain strict data security and compliance, they consider themselves fortunate to be deemed an essential business. “We have seen a tremendous need for our services, especially from healthcare, manufacturing and retail employers that are stretched to their limits during the pandemic, stated Jonathan. “We are also making sure that, once shuttered organizations reopen, we are prepared to assist them with their hiring needs.”

Jonathan and his team have a selfless attitude about working during the health crisis. “While the safety and security of our employees is our top priority as we continue operating during COVID-19, we’re grateful for the opportunity to do our part right now,” he said. “Our goal is to meet the needs of clients who are still utilizing our services, because they are the ones with the real challenges, working on the front lines of the pandemic response.”

During a time when uncertainty is everywhere, it’s inspiring to see organizations doing their part – and then some – to ensure our future brightens even sooner.

How can BARQAR help you?

We’re honored to have Metrodata as a client, and proud to support their success with marketing, communication and client outreach campaigns. If there’s anything we can do to assist your business, please give us a call. We’re here to provide the advice, resources and support you need to get through these challenging times – and capitalize on the upturn ahead.

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