Best Practices for Pediatric Digital Marketing, Part 1: A Stronger Online Presence

Talk of the coronavirus pandemic and its economic effects is seemingly behind us. After all, mask mandates are lifting, business are reopening, and the job market is surging.  

A sense of security has been restored to most industries – outside of, surprisingly enough, pediatrics.  

Whether due to fewer sick children or decreased trust in physical visits, pediatrics hasn’t fully rebounded from its 60% decline at the beginning of the pandemic.  

The silver lining to an otherwise unfortunate situation is the rise of telehealth.  

The increased demand for digital healthcare doesn’t have to be a hurdle. In fact, it can be an incredible opportunity to get ahead of your competition. 

Now more than ever, people are searching for information online. 

This 5-part series will walk you through our best practices for pediatric digital marketing – with the ultimate goal of building your visibility and growing your business. 

Click here to see the video that inspired the series.

Best Practice #1: Build a stronger online presence.  

Think of your website like your digital waiting room. You want it to be welcoming, modern, and an accurate reflection of your practice.  

Just as a comfortable, clean waiting room inspires trust in your patients, an up-to-date website lets your patients know they can rely on you.  

On the other hand, a website with incorrect contact information and years-old blog posts gives the same impression as a waiting room with dated magazines and dirty floors.  

Right out of the gate, patients know what they can expect.  

So how do you ensure your website sends the right message? 

Give your patients a reason to come to your website, stay on your website, and return another day. Think about what you can offer digitally (outside the obvious medical advice) to foster trust and relationship building.

A few ideas: 
  • Add a “Physicians’ Bios” page to feature your doctors – patients will appreciate getting to know their provider ahead of time.  
  • Provide current information on children’s events and activities in your market – as a pediatric practice, you should showcase your active role as a community member.  
  • Turn your website from a digital brochure into an active resource – you want to be a place patients come to find solutions. 


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