Bad Marketers are All Organic (They Ignore Paid Reach)

Smart Marketing … uses paid reach strategically to boost ROI.

“Social media is free!”

Yeah, that’s a myth. Technically, it may not cost you anything to post on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter. But when it comes to using social media for marketing?

You get what you pay for.

Smart marketers use paid social strategically to maximize their return on investment. They know that, while there are free elements of social media marketing, paid reach allows you to cost-effectively:

  • Target the right audience.
    Social platforms gather all types of information related to users’ demographics, interests and online behavior. You can then use that information to identify and target specific audience segments – so your message is displayed to EXACTLY the right people.
  • Complement your other marketing efforts.
    As part of a comprehensive integrated marketing strategy, paid social can reinforce your messaging, broaden your audience and create new ways to reach them.
  • Drive action.
    Whether you want your audience to call, click or visit your website, paid social is a great tool to compel action.

Want to give paid social a try?

Start with these simple tips:

  1. Know your goal.
    What are you trying to achieve with social media? Growing your audience? Increasing awareness of your business? Building an email list? Driving more traffic to your website? Make sure that you clearly define an objective, because it will impact the type of paid tactics you use.
  2. Begin with one platform.
    For most small businesses, Facebook is a great option. According to Pew Research Center, 79% of online adults use Facebook – and 76% of those users check in daily. In addition to having a massive audience, the platform also provides resources and step-by-step instructions to set up a campaign. You can experiment with boosting posts and paid ads to see what performs best, and then replicate your efforts on other platforms.
  3. Measure your ROI.
    Whether you use the platform’s built in dashboard or separate tracking software, put the right tools in place to gauge your results. This step is essential to prove ROI and optimize future campaigns.

“100% organic” may be good for your diet…

…but it’s not so good for your social marketing. If you need a little guidance creating and executing a paid social strategy, call BARQAR. We’ll create a simple, cost-effective plan to help you maximize your reach, grow your audience and get your message in front of the right people.



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