Best Practices for Pediatric Digital Marketing, Part 2: Social Media

The coronavirus pandemic has finally slowed, but its impact on pediatric professionals isn’t over – the industry hasn’t fully recovered from the 60% decline it experienced at the beginning of the pandemic.  

Decreased social interaction and the loss of face-to-face contact are all to blame, but we do have the resulting rise of telehealth to thank for new marketing opportunities. 

Our 5-part series on best practices to grow your pediatric office with digital marketing continues today!

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Best Practice #2: Get social!

Effectively using social media is the best way to drive your practice’s visibility in the local market.  

But notice the key word – effectively.  

Occasionally posting unoriginal content to Facebook isn’t going to do much for your social media presence. 

Here are three critical aspects of successful social media: 


The goal of social media is to engage and connect – sharing dull, uninteresting content probably won’t inspire your audience to take either action.  

Move away from only sharing “Our office is closed today”esque posts and towards more creative options. 

Need some inspiration? 

  • Showcase staff member profiles. 
  • Share education opportunities.  
  • Hold a lighthearted contest. 
  • Highlight relevant and interesting children’s events.  


One of the biggest issues businesses face in their social media strategies is inconsistency, both in frequency and quality.

The goal is to find balance, both in what and how often you post. 

Otherwise, irregular activity can become frustrating to audience members who are either a) seeing far too much of your content or b) looking forward to your relevant content, only to be unable to find it. 

BARQAR’s Pediatric Resource Center provides an easy solution to the quality-frequency question – all 50+ infographics and articles are easily shareable to social media with the click of a button.  


This one is important, and often overlooked! 

Yes, it’s usually the job of a designated manager to handle the internal social media for your pediatric practice – but it shouldn’t stop there.  

Social media is a team effort. 

Encourage the rest of the staff to get involved with social media by engaging with content via their personal pages.  

Whether it’s a like, share, or comment, these actions get your content in front of different audiences – ultimately deepening existing relationships and creating potential for new ones. 

It might require a little creativity, as stated above, but there are plenty of ways to get everyone on board. 

Click here to learn more about the Pediatric Resource Center – for a limited time, license 50+ articles and infographics for just $195/month with no start-up fee.  

We’re here to help!

Whether you’re looking to grow your practice, update your blog, or generate more leads, BARQAR is an expert in healthcare marketing.  

Contact us or give us a call at 88-576-6100 to get started today.

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