LinkedIn’s Algorithm – How to Reach More People on LinkedIn

Did you know that LinkedIn’s algorithm is designed to prevent content from going viral?

It’s true!

The goal of LinkedIn’s algorithm is to connect users with the most relevant expertise and professional advice. This objective is different from social media platforms with goals of entertainment.

Understanding the algorithm helps you reach more people on LinkedIn. You can increase brand awareness, impact more members of your target audience, and elevate conversions.

Learn how to use LinkedIn’s algorithm to reach more people on the platform.

What is LinkedIn’s algorithm?

LinkedIn’s algorithm is the recommendation system that chooses which posts show up in a user’s feed. These recommendations are influenced by the people, topics, and types of content a user is likely to engage with. The process helps make each user’s newsfeed as interesting and informative as possible.

LinkedIn’s goal is to prioritize relevant, high-quality content and promote engagement. Therefore, spending more time on the platform helps the algorithm provide more effective content in your newsfeed. You can share knowledge and updates with relevant professionals to help advance their careers.

How does LinkedIn’s algorithm work?

LinkedIn’s algorithm determines whether your content is high-quality and adheres to the guidelines and community policies. Any violations, such as emojis or reaction polls designed to artificially boost engagement, are filtered out.

The algorithm looks for engagement signals to indicate how valuable members of your network find your content. Meaningful engagement, including thoughtful comments from professionals in relevant fields, shows your content is valuable.

LinkedIn shares your most valuable content with relevant users. The users who see your post depend on three ranking signals:

  • Identity: Your first-degree connections see more of your content. Factors such as your skills, profile location, and users you interacted with are included.
  • Content: LinkedIn’s algorithm determines how relevant a piece of content is to a user based on how well the content performs with other users. These factors include how often the content is viewed and engaged with, how relevant the topic is, and whether the content shares knowledge or professional advice.
  • Member activity: LinkedIn’s algorithm uses the hashtags, pages, people, and groups a user follows to determine their interests. The algorithm also considers a user’s written content, liked content, and comments on relevant content to determine their interest in a topic.

Tips to reach more people on LinkedIn

You can reach more people on LinkedIn by following these guidelines:

  • Create and share unique, relevant, informative content based on your target audience’s skills and interests.
  • Talk about topics within your area of expertise.
  • Include in your content an image or video to increase engagement.
  • Schedule your content for when your audience is most active on LinkedIn.
  • Tag relevant individuals and companies.
  • Strategically use keywords.
  • Include relevant hashtags.
  • Encourage and respond to comments.
  • Strategically build your network.
  • Replicate your high-performing content.

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