Top AI Marketing Tools to Consider

Did you know Gartner’s May 2023 Seller Time Spend Assessment found that 35% of chief revenue officers (CROs) plan to create a generative artificial intelligence (AI) operations team in their go-to-market (GTM) organization by 2025? Or, that sellers currently spend 52% of their time creating and delivering value messaging across the sales process?

Many marketers use generative AI to develop and share buyer-focused messaging and content. The result is increased time to spend on other revenue-generating activities.

Are you curious about the top AI marketing tools you should consider using for digital marketing?


ChatGPT (chat generative pre-trained transformer) answers questions and takes instructions in a conversational manner. The AI-based chatbot can create social media posts, answer follow-up questions, and predict the words that will come next when a user begins typing.


Meltwater offers a range of AI-based Assistants:

  • PR Assistant is used to draft press releases and customize pitches to journalists.
  • AI Writing Assistant, powered by ChatGPT API (application programming interface), is used to draft social content and include royalty-free images.
  • Klear enhances influencer marketing by using visual search to quickly find influencers relevant to a company’s goals.


Sinch offers Smart Conversations, an AI-powered capability that analyzes the intent of incoming messages on the channels that the company’s Conversation API supports.


Sequel.io uses live video to generate transcripts, blog posts, social posts, and summaries that include relevant keywords and phrases.

Aha Insights Technology

Aha Insights Technology uses Aha Intelligence for a range of purposes:

  • Summarize large qualitative datasets
  • Apply sentiment analysis
  • Synthesize connected and unconnected data points
  • Provide examples for insights and draft reports


Nativo’s ContentAI suite provides a variety of services:

  • Generates headlines with tone control
  • Suggests text
  • Rephrases and refreshes content
  • Analyzes campaign performance


Mailmodo’s Prompt Hunt offers more than 300 AI prompts for marketers and unifies the discovery, submission and rating of the prompts.

Smart marketing starts with the right tools

If you would like any help in implementing any of these AI-based marketing tools or creating a marketing plan, contact us today. 

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