Google Analytics 4 Conversion Attribution

Are you a Google Analytics 4 administrator who wants greater insight into their Google Ads campaign’s return on investment (ROI)?

Do you want to determine how your web conversions are attributed to your marketing channels?

If so, you’re in luck!

Google Analytics 4 now has customizable attribution settings.

You can use these settings to determine whether a conversion is attributed to a paid Google Ads campaign or paid and organic channels. Having more control over how the impact of your Google Ads campaigns is measured provides you with a better understanding of your ROI from the campaigns.

Because Google Ads and Google Analytics 4 are becoming more integrated, you can match the conversion attribution to your marketing priorities to make more data-based decisions:

  • If you are focused on advertising spend, you can limit the conversion credit to Google Ads paid channels for a clearer ROI.
  • If you are focused on the combined effect of paid and organic marketing, you can provide conversion credit to both.

Why are the Google Analytics 4 customizable attribution settings important?

Your ability to restrict your conversion credit to paid Google Ads lets you determine the impact of your ad spend on web conversions and revenue. The result is a more accurate assessment of your Google Ads ROI:

  • Allowing credit for paid and organic channels gives you a clear picture of the customer journey.
  • You can see how different marketing efforts combine to drive conversions and impact your digital marketing strategy.

Your conversion attribution changes can take 2-3 days to reflect in your Google Ads account as your data is processed. After that, you should check your Google Ads conversions and ROI metrics to determine the impact of your choices.

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